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Have you stayed in one of our properties rental apartments in Buenos Aires, Palermo, San Telmo previously? Please remind us when and where and you will get a 10 percent discount for coming back! Is your friend coming? Let us know and they will get a 5%.

100 Milongas

CIUDADES EXPLORACIONES Las 100 milongas POR JUAN BEDOIAN El misterioso mundo de la noche porteña, donde miles de almas se abstraen del calor para flotar en sentido opuesto a las agujas del reloj. IMÁGENES Yeite. Lucecitas de Navidad en el ambiente del Almagro Tango Club, donde caen las mariposas./ EMMANUEL FERNANDEZ ETIQUETAS exploraciones 28/12/13 Buenos Aires ...

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Honey Moon escape in Buenos Aires

Are you looking for an exotic and romantic escape on your Honey moon? We have exciting ideas and many options for your perfect stay in Buenos Aires. Contact us without delay with your preferences and  

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A First must in Buenos Aires: Teatro Colón

LOCATION Cerrito 618, San Nicolás Neighbourhood: San Nicolás (Downtown) Opening: 1908 Architects: Francisco Tamburini, Víctor Meano, Jules Dormal Buses: 7, 9, 10, 17, 23, 45, 59, 67, 70, 75, 99, 100, 106, 109, 111, 115, 140. It is one of the main lyrical theatres of the world. During the 20th Century, the most important directors, ...

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April: Autumn in Argentina

If you enjoy mild weathers, April/May/June is the time to visit Argentina. Cool mornings, warm middays. Most streets in Buenos Aires are tree lined. The perfect weather for long walks and to enjoy sitting out, watching the busy city life. Contact us at We will help you find the right place for you to ...

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Spring in Buenos Aires

Have you ever been in Buenos Aires in Spring (September-November)? Lapachos, jacarandas and tilos are competing for the best picture.

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